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Veedawoo, 6 year-old Spanish Mustang, wears the LG-Zaum.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Year anniversary of local Mustang advocacy group:"Ft.Collins Mustang Meet-up"

It is about a year, that 5 of us came together to join forces in our quest to save the American Mustang. All of us had been involved with one aspect or another pertaining to the management of Americas Wild Horses, now felt, that a critical momentum had been reached. Information and data needed to be gathered, exchanged, and evaluated and a group effort made to both increase exposure and give comfort and support.

As a group and as individuals we engaged in a letter writing campaign, travelled to a summit in Washington with associated protest, attended several round-ups, visited and monitor HMA's (Horse Management Areas)- Sandwash Basin, Little Bookcliffs and Pryor Mountains. We followed a quest for help of the Blackjack Mountain Horses in the Kiamichi Mountains SE Oklahoma, followed the bloody trail of the 3Strikes Ranch Mustang Killing in Nebraska, ...then continued to New Mexico to touch base with 3 Wild Horse areas along the border.....
Visits to Canon City Correctional Facility were on the regular agenda to see incoming horses.

The MustangHeritageFoundation Extreme Mustang Makeover was part of our effort, several visits to our local representatives and the Geological Survey lead to more information about census and birth control. There were several locally organized grass roots protests and continuous attempts to educate the public and gather information and facts.
On a happier note, we continued to sponsor and follow our Adventure Riders on the Contintal Divide with 4 mustangs straight into Canada over the last 4 years, and also Ramsey Rue's Sparrowhorse mustangride from Colorado to Idaho.
Our OWN Mustangs rode in parades, attended protests, continued their duty for the Forest Service, performed in the Makeover, competed in endurance and for the sake of our sanity took us into the Wild Horse Areas for recreation and volunteer work.
Nonetheless thousands and thousands of horses were aggressively rounded up, too many of them suffering and dying in the processing. Over 40 000 are scheduled to be impounded in feedlots. An estimated 15 000 to remain on the range with heavily skewed sex ratios to favor males over females, that are routinely sterilized.
New attempts have reached some fruition to establish Sanctuaries and Preserves, leading to much discussion about the pros and cons of those utopias.
It feels as if time stands still. The question always: How many are out there, what will it take to keep them running free and manage them in the wild rather than in captivity and deprivation.
The 1971 Wild Horse Act was never ment for that.
Today we greet Ginger Kathrens in her Talk about THE TRUE NATURE OF WILD HORSES"
and hope that you take time to consider and join our group effort.
Thank you

From Metal to Sculpture by Dwayne Cranford....

The two mustangs are rearing in joyous play on the way to Redfeather Lakes. They are Rusty and Chisel (because Dwayne lost a chisel in the leg of the little mare on the left) and they are over-life size metal sculptures by local resident artist Dwayne Cranford. They will also be on display at the presentation of Ginger Kathrens at the University of Colorado on Nov. 10th.
For more info about the artist visit:

The True Nature of WIld Horses at CSU, Ft. Collins