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Veedawoo, 6 year-old Spanish Mustang, wears the LG-Zaum.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The mouth of a 5-year old

My veterinarian once told me: The mouth of a 5 year old is a mess. Teeth are in constant transition...wolf-teeth, points, all these factor in and coincide with an essential time for continuation and building onto the initial training. If one considers the time between 5 and 7 years old to be character-building.
Like most of us know, throwing equipment at a challenging horse usually does not yield the desired improved results. Still comparison and trial and error are part of the solution.
I would like to begin by comparing all options as they have appeared in my life and illustrate them with appropriate images.

Regular SNAFFLE bit: Very little discussion size/brand/style very little to argue against. Yet still a BIT in the mouth.

HACKAMORE english jumping. Soft noseband, usually good fit, shank (somewhat limited in lateral work)

Western Hackamore (similar to above)

SIDEPULL: 2 points of contact, no transfer of pressure.

BOSAL: Very agreeable to most horses. Single Point attachment for reins limits lateral work.

VOSAL: A variation of the bosal with a V shaped crossing.

NURTURAL Bridle: utilizes the crossed straps behind the cheeks of the horse that are connected to the reins and allow for pressure on poll and chin.

Dr.COOKE bitless bridle: Headband crossing behind the jowels and leading through rings into the reins. Pressure on Poll, cheeks...

BRALTER: Halter/Bit combination: incorporates both the bit and the bridle and gives some options on the trail.

LG ZAUM: Applied to a well fitting english headstall the "Wheel" sits just a bit higher than the bit and will apply pressure onto nose, chin and Poll. The noseband can be softened by a sheepskin layover or hardened by a noseband with knots. The chinstrap can be leather or chain.

Lateral work should not suffer, since the contact is direct with each side of the mouth.

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  1. I have a horse named Tyler. I have given the opportunity to use a bit and no bit on my horse. Tyler was super relaxed when I didn't use the bit. He was listening and seemed more willing to work! I really want more people to try them because it is more relaxing for the horse and it will cause less health problems in the mouth!
    Robyn age 12