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Veedawoo, 6 year-old Spanish Mustang, wears the LG-Zaum.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bitless riding makes its way into dressage competition

As more and more awareness grows around advanced riding and improved technology we are revisiting the tools and mediums we allow in competitive riding. Dressage was one of the last frontiers of the "OLD SCHOOL" and might just come around to exchange the rollkur for a bitless bridle. Read more on the Lehmenkuehler website and on other discussion boards around the country and outside the country. At the same time we are scutinizing the design of the modern saddle and what will it take to take the wood out of a tree...? To ride in a sneaker...check out Freemax, Bob Marshall, Barefoot and hold your horses, the treeless revolution is here to stay.

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